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Meditation in English in Montreal

Centre Paramita de Montréal

 Plateau Mont-Royal

4846 avenue du Parc

Montréal, QC

H2V 4E6


Meditation on calm abiding course

We all want to be happy and have peace of mind, but we are often overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions that make us suffer. Trough meditation, we can work on those emotions that disturb us and cultivate more satisfying inner states, to move toward greater harmony within ourselves and with others. In this series of 1h15, you will know methods to reach this state of mind.

Each course include first, an explanation on how to develop the mind's calm abiding according to Buddhist philosophy, followed by a period of meditation in silence. This group practice can give more power to our meditation. The attainment of mind's calmness and all the elements that make it possible to cultivate it are presented in a traditional image. You can also see a video animation on the same theme. LIMITED PLACES

Fall session at Plateau

Tuesday evening (7pm till 8:15pm)

During: 12 weeks (Dates to be scheduled) 

Teacher: Nora Chacon

Contact: or 514-462-6805

Cost: 96$

A four-saturday mornings workshop series in english

In our rapid daily life, we often need moments to slow down and to be able to cope better with our relationships, our job, our activities, and our own feelings to live a happier life. Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy presents us ways to deal with these events with great wisdom that guides us through a long-lasting peaceful living.

We present you a four saturday mornings workshop series, where you can choose to register for all or for only the ones of your choice.


Welcome to all! Registration required. 

Saturday mornings from 9 am to 12 pm

May 18th: Introduction to meditation

May 25th: Dealing with disturbing emotions

June 15th: What karma is all about

June 29th: Cultivation love and compassion

To get more information, please contact Nora at : or (514) 462-6805

Contribution: $ 20 per person per workshop or $65 for all four.

You can register by paying in advance through e-transfer (no fee) or by Paypal (1 or 2$ fee)

Meditation workshop on

Understanding Emotions

Why be interested in emotions? Because everyone desires joy and wishes to avoid misfortune and that these two states come from our emotions. Emotions are of two types: positive or negative. We should be vigilant when the negative emotions are born in us, which is not to say that we should abandon them, but better understand them. This workshop will take place in three hours including the explanations related to our emotions according to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, and it is spaced a twenty minutes break.


Welcome to all!


Registration required, LIMITED PLACES.

Schedule :  Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm  (5 classes)

Days : July 16th, July 23rd, July 30th, August 6th and August 13th

Cost : 50$ for the 5 sessions

Professor: Nora Chacon

Contact: ou 514-462-6805


Hope to see you!!

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